Casa Moony


Casa Moony was about finding a place in the world for me. After frantically searching for that place for 25 years, after educating myself in different directions and trying on a couple of working world personae, I knew I had to create that space for myself, somewhere that aligned with my morals and ideals, something that didn't make me feel like existence was a cruel, senseless joke.
One of the few things I had always been sure of, was that I enjoyed making beautiful things, so grasping at what felt like one of the last straws I quit my job in retail management and moved to the south of Spain for six months to learn to spin the pottery wheel, but in a much larger sense, I learned how to build long-lasting, ever shiny, beautiful pieces of art or developing a tad of a god complex.
I love making things with a dreamscape like quality to them, like places where I would rather be. I hope to be able to bring some of that feeling into your home ♡
mi casa es su casa,